How to activate system mechanic?

How to activate system mechanic – In order to activate the system mechanic, you need to follow the following steps.

New Customers (including Trial users)

  1. To install the most current version of System Mechanic Supreme Defense, download the Device Mechanic Download manager via your browser.
  2. When the download is done, a downloaded file bar can look at the bottom of the browser again. Click on the file
  3. in the pub to Begin the download manager. Instead, by default files should download to your Windows
  4. Downloads folder and the file may be clicked on from there.
  5. Click Yes into the User Account Control window and also the item download manager will launch and start downloading your product. Select Yes when prompted if you’d really like to conserve a duplicate of the file somewhere.
  6. The installation will start. Select your own speech from the window and click Next.
  7. System Mechanic Ultimate Defense will launch and automatically begin your first analysis.
  8. Once the analysis is finished, go through the massive Activate now button in the middle of the application window. This will start a window.
  9. Input the email that you used when purchasing the item on the web. If you are installing like a trial enter a valid email address to last.
  10. As soon as you’ve entered your current email address, click Begin activation.
  11. If activating the product as a trial, then choose the Activate Trial radio button and click Complete activation.
  12. For those who might have an activation key go into the next measure.
  13. For those who might have an activation key, choose the I have an Activation Key radio button, enter your activation key and click End activation.
  14. Once your activation key will be accepted, your service time will appear in the middle of the application form window.
  15. The other way of assessing your activation advice would be to click on the key icon at the application menu at the upper-right, after which select Merchandise information.

Existing Customer

If you should be something special customer and also have reinstalled your product, then launching System Mechanic ultimate surveillance and it also will automatically get in the activation bunch and then add your product key. If thisn’t happen, or in the case that you would like to re-enter your product key for more or less any excuse, please then undergo the principal icon towards the top right in the menu and click Merchandise information therefore when the activation window looks, then enter your activation key and click Publish Today.


Why activate the system mechanic?

System Mechanic holds on to the possession of PC running at its crown performance and firmness which includes advanced PC optimization, mending, and prolongation features. The usage of 7 safe and functional tools, its unique patented technology fixes the registry issues, defrags hard drives, muck out the junk files, accelerates downloads, boosts Windows speed, and ensures maximum ongoing system stability. It has consistently been top-rated since 1998, this award-winning performance solution has been used to keep over 75 million PCs worldwide problem-free and running like new.

System Mechanic delivers requisite features that automatically will resolve the errors, slowdowns, and crashes:

Registry Tuner: It is a secure, effective, and thoroughly advanced problem solver and error repair tool, Registry Tuner can verify and sort out many common root causes of bizarre freezes, slowdowns, and crashes.

Startup Optimizer: It is a feature that can automatically annihilate the startup bottlenecks that can choke the life out of the PC and make the Windows to start slow. Supercharges boot times and frees up resources for improved overall performance.

Memory Mechanic: It claims that the system RAM is orphaned by memory leaks and sloppy programs for improved system responsiveness. It also optimizes and defragments memory for snappier programs, downloads, and gaming experiences.

PC Cleanup: This mechanic performs a system-wide scan for junk and obsolete files left over from messy apps and unexpected restarts. It safely cleans out hazardous system-clogging clutter that accumulates over time through everyday use.

Drive Accelerator: it also Performs advanced hard drive defragmentation for accelerated Windows load times, program startup, and overall system speed.

Shortcut Repair: It also finds and automatically fixes broken or corrupted Windows shortcut icons that can represent the root of frustrating problems on an otherwise stable PC.

Internet Connection Repair: this also automatically heals broken and chronically unstable internet connections to get back online and keep connected when need to be.

System Requirements

The System Mechanic® program requires a PC running Microsoft® Windows® 10, Windows 8, or Windows 7, at least 70 MB of available hard-disk space, minimum 512 MB RAM (optimal 2 GB), and an internet connection for license activation.


Installing System Mechanic

Note: There is no longer a CD required to install IOLO products. Each product can be downloaded for your convenience.

  1. Firstly ensure that the internet connection is on and that no firewall or security programs are blocking outgoing access then go on to and choose a destination folder and click on save.
  2. Then open the installation file from either the browser download tray or the folder in which it is saved. If the User Account Control window appears, then click yes.
  3. After the IOLO Download Manager finishes, if prompted, click yes to save a copy of the installation file.
  4. When the installer wizard opens, follow the steps on the screen to complete the installation of System Mechanic.
  5. During installation, it will be asked to enter the Activation Key provided either in the online order fulfillment email or in the retail box that is purchased and then completely types all letters and numbers, exactly as shown. (Any hyphens will be automatically entered.)
  6. Then on the last screen of the installation wizard, click Finish. It may be prompted that it is important to restart the computer to complete the installation.


How to activate the system mechanic?

To activate the product using Activation Key:

  1. Firstly, click on the Start Download, to begin with, the downloading of the installer.
  2. Then if prompted with this warning message, choose to save.
  3. After this the sm_dm.exe file will appear at the bottom of the browser, so click on it, to begin with the download, if asked for further permission, choose the Yes option.
  4. Then let the download finish and when the Installer has finished downloading, an option will be given to save the installation file to the computer.
  5. In case a copy is required then save a copy by choosing Yes, and then save it to a convenient place on PC. In case a copy is not required, then click on No.
  6. Once finished with this step, the Installer will start automatically.
  7. Then start the IOLO product and from the top menu select the question mark? (Versions 16 through 18) and then Activation Key. Version 19+ users can click the key icon in the red menu bar to view their Activation Key and then click on the Change key.
  8. Enter the product activation key, enter an email address and verify the email address by typing it again then click on Activate now.
  9. Alternatively, click on Activate now (version 18 and newer) within the large round middle button., enter the product activation key and email as previously described above, and click Activate Now.

How do I activate the System Mechanic ultimate defense?

Activate System Mechanic Ultimate Defense:

  1. Use the email account or order number for system mechanic login.
  2. Then, put the password.
  3. After the login, a product option would appear, so click there.
  4. Then click on download to start, and click on the run to process.
  5. Select the “I agree” option and after some minutes, System Mechanic will be installed on the computer.

Why we need security software in a system, Advantages of security software

Computer security is the chief priority for all users. Internet is a platform that is used widely all over the world. When the internet is used or searching something online takes place, sometimes viruses & malware from online basis can get into our computer. So, in order to protect computers, there is a need for good security software. System mechanic is the security software that provides 100% security for the Desktops & Laptops. It is recommended that people should download this software for their devices.



System Mechanic does a magnificent job of optimizing the computer’s gig and defending it from viruses. These programs handgrip any kind of task needed to be performed to boost the computer’s performance. In addition to the typical virus and malware protection, it offers performance scans, memory and Registry clean-ups, and other boosts that will keep the computer speedy and error-free.

If you still face any issue with “how to activate system mechanic“, you can directly get in touch with our support executive who will be more than happy to assist you.