Download system mechanic I have a key

Below mentioned are the steps to download system mechanic I have a key on your device:

  1. A drop-down menu appears.
  2. Inside the drop-down menu, then select download system mechanic I have a key.
  3. A dialog box prompts you to enter the email address you used to purchase System Mechanic.
  4. Enter the current email and click Send.
  5. Make sure you can access this email account by the installation target PC (the PC which you would like to install System Mechanic).
  6. Check your email address on the installment target PC.
  7. The email message from Iolo will comprise guidelines for installation, including a download hyperlink along with ACTIVATION-KEY (product license) required for setup. Follow the directions to finish the setup.
  8. Repeat the process as many times as you desire, until every computer in your home is optimized using System Mechanic.


System Mechanic is an ultimate and apt software for the utmost high-speed gig of the PC. It maintains the PC by keeping it clean and making it safe from all types of errors, fallacy, and viruses. This program has the propensity to affix stubborn errors, clean out disorders, and optimize internet speed and installation. On top of that, it is a certified antimalware and spyware that avail oneself of its dual-engine scanning methodology that blocks all kinds of latest ultimatum. Hence, it yields a super grade personal security by moderating any file from the system with high-grade data erasing technology. Also, it gives the sponsor personal security and prolongation of the computer’s performance by itself.

It unconsciously raises the speed and availability of CPU, RAM and hard drive assets when launch takes place with the high-demanded apps for the smoothest gaming, editing and streaming. Safely wipes sensitive browsing history and blocks a dangerous system change that terms the speed and firmness. It also axes over 50 types of concealed junk files to free up valuable disk space and makes more room for the documents, movies, music, and photos. It also automatically optimizes the hidden windows internet settings for stiff downloads, snappier page loads, minimal buffering, improved video quality, and smoother gaming which further identifies unwanted startup programs that slackens down by launching and running without knowledge and also identifies the unwanted startup programs that slacken by launching and running unknowingly.

System Mechanic succors to the recovery of any of the person lost data. There are 50 tools in this program to unravel the hard disk issues. Also, it is apt for all operating systems. It consists of all the considerable features that sanction the user to clean up the memory, uplifts the system, speed up the performance, and keep the system safe from all the damages and threats. This is the updated and latest technology that is used to provide the foremost qualitative performance to all individuals.

Moreover, System Mechanic bandwidth is an important feature that can escalate the performance of this software. Some of the features are embraced such as growing, freeing memory, and modifying the pile of windows configurations. Further, it has the propensity to maintain the PC in a stable and balanced condition. Further, it is basically designed for the enhancement and optimization of both devices PC and the Laptop. Moreover, this program is capable to keep a balance between the windows to solve the issues.

What features does system mechanic provide you?

System Mechanic Pro assists to safeguard the PC from everlasting by erasing the information by deletion of it. It can retrieve the deleted documents from the PC, camera phones, and all other devices. The interface of this app is really stylish and unique. It helps to make the use of the browser much easier. Also, it is helpful in the utilization of featuring texts, quicker loading, and attributes menus.

Live boost is much support for all the possible corrections of dozens of windows configurations. Further, it blocks the start-up of all the programs that start in the background unintentionally with the system on their own. In this way, System Mechanic Pro improves the working performance of the PC. You can easily use this application by understanding and following a few steps.

Latest Updation to version

As anticipated, the entire reported flea fixation is with the latest malware database, which simplifies the installation process to help the users in it. Also it has an enhanced network scanner with a process scanner. Further, it is a new amended network scanner, new threats protection browsing and also, an anti-fingerprinting secure mode is there which is for the personal data. All the types of ads are blocked in this type of update. Moreover, the integration of anti-fingerprinting protection technology, by which now an ideal virtual machine can be created and which also enables the restore it anytime at that point of time. It has a new optimization method that can repair PC’s damaged files easily. Further, it is a re-architected Startup Optimizer that dismisses all the faulty startup methods which is easier to operate new tools for customer satisfaction and also it has the ability to minor bugs’ fixation.

What’s New in Latest Version 2021?

  • New optimization and protective engine to deal with all system errors
  • All the functions are improved according to the latest demands
  • The latest updates consist of some PC booster drivers
  • Also, minor old bug fixation
  • Many new apps are integrated to make System Mechanic work faster
  • More fast scanning system to optimize your PC
  • Updated toolsets for all types of applications
  • Powerful Workability against any of system threats
  • Many new language support in the latest version
  • Single click interface for scanning problems
  • Many new instruments and tools are integrated for efficient repairing
  • More simplified design and dashboard for easy operation
  • Bugs that are in previous versions are fixed
  • Automatic system scan for malware detection

Install and Activate System Mechanic

STEP 1. Download and Start the Installer

  • Click Start Download to begin downloading the installer.
  • If prompted with this warning message, choose Save.
  • The sm_dm.exe file will appear at the bottom of your browser. Click on it to begin the download.
  • If asked for further permission, choose Yes.
  • Allow the download to finish.
  • When the Installer has finished downloading, you will be given the option to save the installation file to your computer.
  • If you want to save a copy, choose Yes, and save it to a convenient place on your PC. If you do not need a copy, click No.
  • When you are finished with this step, the Installer will start automatically.

STEP 2. Activate and Finish Installation

  • When the Installer starts, follow its step-by-step instructions until you see a windows that asks for your License Information.
  • Carefully type the Activation key and your email address into the License Information window.
  • Click OK.
  • Continue following the step-by-step instructions to complete the installation process.
  • When you are finished, you may need to restart your PC.
  • If System Mechanic does not start immediately after activation, double-click this desktop icon.
  • Once System Mechanic has obtained and applied all critical updates, perform a System Analysis by clicking Analyze Now.
  • When the System Analysis is complete, a full list of system problems will be generated.
  • You can review and automatically repair any of these problems by using the options on System mechanic’s dashboard.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I download my System Mechanic product key?

 Activation Key:

  • Save File, when it is being asked that if you would like to save the file, click Save.
  • Run File, when the sm_dm.exe icon will appear in a pop-up window.
  • Confirm Run File, if asked that if you want to allow the program to make changes to this computer, click yes.
  • Save Installer, allow the download to finish.

How do I find my System Mechanic product key?

Start your IOLO product and from the top menu select the question mark? (Versions 16 through 18)and then Activation Key. Version 19+ users can click the key icon in the red menu bar to view their Activation Key.

How do I install mechanic on a second computer?

In order to easily install System Mechanic on another computer in your home, some of the things need to be done:-

  • Open System Mechanic.
  • Select Help in the upper right corner of the window. …
  • Within the dropdown menu, select Install System Mechanic on another computer.
  • A dialog box prompts you to enter the email address you used to purchase System Mechanic.

How to Update Your Iolo Product to the Latest Version

Updating System Mechanic Supreme Defense (formerly Phoenix 360):

  • Access the System Mechanic Ultimate Defense installment file by clicking here, or type this URL into your web browser.
  • Choose a destination folder and click on Save to save a copy of the setup file.
  • Open the .exe from your own browser or the folder in which you stored it.
  • If an Individual Account Control window appears, click Yes.
  • The setup wizard looks.
  • Follow the on-screen Guidelines to complete the installation of the latest version of System Mechanic Supreme Defense.

Updating System Mechanic Pro:

  • Get the System Mechanic Pro setup file by simply clicking here, or type that URL in your web browser.
  • Select a destination folder and then click Conserve to conserve a replica of this device Mechanic Pro setup file (smpro_dm.exe).
  • Open smpro_dm.exe from your own browser download menu or even the folder where you stored it.
    The setup wizard looks.
  • Practice the onscreen Directions to complete the setup of the latest version of System Mechanic Pro.


Download and update System Mechanic I have a key:

  • Obtain the machine Mechanic setup document by clicking on here, or type that URL on your web browser.
  • Select a destination folder and click Conserve to save a replica of the System Mechanic setup file (sm_dm. exe).
  • Open sm_dm.exe out of the browser or even the folder from which you stored it.
  • The installation wizard looks.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions to finish the setup of the latest model of System Mechanic.

If you still face any issue with “download system mechanic I have a key“, you can directly get in touch with our support executive who will be more than happy to assist you.